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As a former disgraced teacher, you are given one last chance to enter the world of academia. You are to teach the hopelessly ignorant young women from ultra-rich families. The twist: The school needs money to operate and a hostess club with the students as hostesses is born. Teach the girls, manage the club, decide the fate of your students and meet a rich cast of characters.


Club Detention is an adult visual novel with multiple linear storylines and a sandbox style gameplay where you manage a hostess club and try to get a problem class to graduate. Currently the game is in very early stages, but I'm putting it out there to gather some feedback since I can't just work on it alone forever. It's also my first VN and first time programming with Python/Ren'Py, so be gentle with me.

If you like the game and want to support the development or affect it through polls etc, check out my Patreon. The game will still be free for everyone, but the patrons will get an early access as a special thanks.

v 0.053 Changelog (main features; full list in zip file):

- Over 250 new renders
- Added a system for updating save data for future updates
- Added a few new main story events, one of which begins a weekly event (to piss you off probably)
- New generic club events for hangout room, bar, dance stage and massage parlor
- Added some character-specific club events for Natalie, Jennifer and Olivia
- Added an optional continuation event for the Olivia's locker room swimsuit scene
- Added new rituals and story events for Natalie
- Added a new "after training session" for Shirley, happens semi-randomly
- Hostess Club should generate money more easily!!!

The game is meant for adult audiences, so please check your age before downloading the game. All the characters portrayed in the game are at least over 18 or 19 years old, plus they're just 3D models.

Updated 1 hour ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
GenreVisual Novel, Simulation
Made withRen'Py
Tags3dcg, Adult, Dating Sim, Erotic, Management, NSFW, prostitution, school-setting, Story Rich
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


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When is the update coming

The backers on Subscribestar/Patreon already have access, but the public one drops next Thursday.

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Removing options that were previously selected when you utilize the roll back function is upsetting.

You are removing the enjoyment of your VN and turning into a grind.

The fact that you constantly block rollback and even removes certain options after rollback...

It's harder to play the way we like.


Yeah, I get the frustration, but sadly some stuff broke when the rollback was in effect and caused the game to go down unexpected paths... Maybe if I'll get those fixed, I can unblock rollback. The decision to get rid of it was not done lightly as I like rollback as well.


Thanks for clarifying, I was rather frustrated as the rest of the experience is quite good, I tell you what, I'll change the review to positive if I can and we can both hope that someday rollbacks can be restored, thanks for your understanding Yorma.


Great start! Aside from the few minor bugs, my only complaint comes from the lack of a "back" button. The inclusion of one would enormously increase the game's experience imo


Back button in some of the menus? Or do you mean Renpy's rollback? Rollback is being disabled at some key events because otherwise the player could just reroll skill checks, and in some cases Renpy was acting strange with the data if I used rollback.


I definitely always prefer games where the rollback feature is available at all times. I typically won't use it when first going through a game, but it makes the content much more replayable, by allowing you to customize your experience each time you go back through.


Rerolling skill checks will always happen. You just abuse quick save/load at choices instead of rollback. Personally I like to see what I actually do/say when I pick an option as somtimes what comes out of the MC isn't what I was going for so I'll rewind. IMO it's just better to let a player who wants to roll back have a better experience since it doesn't negatively impact anybody who doesn't want to use it. 

hello do you have a discord?


Hey, and yeah. There's a link to the Discord server on the top of the game's details section.

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now it works

(2 edits)

Dance and Massage upgrades for the club dont seem to work, just says no one seems to be here.
the 2/3 rituals with Natalie dont work (carnum&hilda although hilda worked first time)

Movie Theatre only useful to bump mood, other options do nothing.

If you demolish a part of the club you cant rebuild it again.

girls cant level up/rooms cant change activities (unless its some crazy grind).

Making it a bit more clear what is still unlockable (gallery or another help menu would be great.

This is the only game without animations that i enjoyed to this degree, no idea why, but good shit.


Holy...I'm really glad you went all out in the game. But yeah, sorry that there's still so much missing content.

I'm currently working on the missing rituals for Natalie  and adding one new event to each club room. And I suppose I hould fix that demolition/rebuild bug! Thanks for letting me know.

And yeah, indicating what's still missing is a problem I've yet to solve... The girls should be able to unlock new classes, but the rooms can't be upgraded yet as that's still a work in progress.

Depite all of this, I'm happy that you liked the game!

If you tell me how to unlock the new classes i could try it to see if its bugged or not.

Also one more thing regarding general gameplay: keeping the girls moods up while trying to maintain club costs is almost impossible. i was perma rotating them and they still lost mood, the only way would be with the cinema (which you need significant progress for) or buying consumables or perma playing good teacher in the meeting room of the club while rotating and not having another room, which leaves  you with the only option to play good teacher until all unlocks and then going corruption.


Hmm, another good point. Maybe picking the girls' favorite classes will increase their mood, or just participating in the lessons. Or maybe a night without work will also raise it up to a certain level at least.

And in the current build, there's only two additional classes available, I think. Bartender and Bar master. Bartender is unlocked when a girl's drink mixing is at least 25, their conversation at least 20, and their hostess expertise 75 or below (it's a weird reverse stat - 100 means she has no experience and by 0, she's a veteran at the hostess job).

'Dance and Massage upgrades for the club'?!
ok so maybe i have a bug but i had only a bar upgrade show up: there's several 'locked' upgrades but they don't show how to unlock or what they might be;  i figured those were just placeholders for planned upgrades...

so, how to unlock those two?


You need to research the rooms first. If you've already recruited Serena, you should know how. If not, visit the bar in the evenings during the work week to meet her.

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I played it and I must say that I don't think the data you may automatically receive from the analytics could in any way really reflect the players real attitude towards the characters. To be specific, I am currently most interested in Bella, but because she has still little content in-game, her variables are low, so just by looking at  my variables you may get the impression that I'm the most interested in Shirley, which is false, because I only consider her a fun good friend, and do not wish to go on her love route, I just have gathered more points because she has more content, and because I found the other girls personality rather unpleasant for now.

Anyway, options are good. This game has a lot of choices, and a lot of characters. It doesn't feel linear at all. The feeling of freedom of choice this game provides it totally awesome, but I don't really think you can develop in parallel all the girls routes, so, the sad thing I guess is that either way the new versions will come out maybe yearly twice or you will abandon developing some of the girls routes.

You didn't specify which of the girls are main characters and which of them are subcharacters , so maybe are you planning to decide it now based on the data you gather from analytics? I have a bad feeling about this. The data you gather may point you in the wrong direction.


Well, I'm currently working on the next story beats for Natalie and then I'll open up a poll on Patreon to see what people want me to focus on next. Basically, the goal is to have a storyline for each of the students and only some random stuff for the teachers and other NPCs, unless players really, really like them a lot.

And yeah, currently the analytics mainly show how far people are going so I can see if any part of the story is boring or maybe people get stuck before reaching it.

And as for updates, I'd say the updates are going be a bit more frequent. I've rendered 54 new pictures this week alone for Natalie's rituals and a few more for Olivia's swimsuit continuation. Granted, I probably can't render this many shots each week depending on work, but I'll try to do as much as I can as efficiently as possible without sacrificing the multiple choices, routes and freedom in the game. If I could do this as a day job, of course I could easily push smaller bi-weekly updates and monthly bigger updates, but yeah...

As it stands, I can't develop each girl's story in parallel unless I get another enthusiastic developer to write/code or render for me, but I doubt that. Who gets content first comes down to Patreon votes, analytics and just personal preference, so your experience will ultimately vary depending on who you're rooting for.

Nice start so far, it's a good looking vn and the plot is pretty funny. i'd like it if the sprite were bigger and if we have more info (age,weight heigh...) on the character screen. Keep up the good work, i'll follow it ^^


Thank you kindly!<3 The character sprites used to be bigger, but I ran into the problem of tall characters (Shirley, Nanako etc) obscuring the top UI. Or did you mean the resolution of the game? Sadly, 1080p already takes a while to render out content, so any larger than that and I'd be afraid the game would never be finished...I'd love some 4k renders though. Hey, maybe for the inevitable sequel, spinoff or multiverse content.

Also, helping you out with bugs.  There is this one bug that will switch out the reg school uniform with the hostess uniform during the classroom scenes and the game goes into a rollback crash when i try to give a magazine as a gift.


Thanks for letting me know - I'll test it out and get it fixed. And thank you kindly for the longer feedback as well. I'm aware that the game is ambitious, but that's usually the only way I roll, hah. Still, it's proven to produce quality stuff in the past though the process can take me a year or two to see through. But yeah, there won't be anything more besides the hostess club and school activities. Well, besides dating the girls if you want.

As for the analytics, it's totally optional and if you're paranoid, you can always check the code using an unpacker, but I'm only using it for checking how far people are going and which girl ends up the most popular, so I know to focus on their content.

No, yeah.  I was more just curious cause I have never seen it used that way.

It seems interesting so far.  I like the premise.  However, considering that shear amount of women offered i am worried about keeping things straight.  There is also a question on the analytics option(I am not accusing you of anything.  Just curious on how the mechanics work). 

Finally my last worry is the feeling of having bit off more than one can chew.  The idea of a disgraced teacher given a second chance is a cool idea and rising above it, but then you throw the player not only having to be the headmaster AND running the hostess club.  Just seems a bit much and I hope that all there is.  Kind of a lot to throw at a player without much direction.

Other than that i will look on with anticipation.

tem femboys ou trans?


I don't speak French, but I'm assuming you asked if there are femboys or trans. Nope, neither.

(5 edits)

Thanks for the free version, downloaded it now :)

By the way, if I understood correctly from the game description, in this game, every girl does have a linear route, and it's player choice whose route how much the player advances on, right? Or does it also have a linear common route, which anyway requires the player to advance on every girls route, in a way that the whole story would converge into one single unavoidable harem ending?


There will be totally separate character storylines for each character (this doesn't mean that other girls can't appear in said stories). As for the main storyline, that will just be for unlocking new content as I have it ready and perhaps some additional challenges. The main focus of the game will be in the school, club, girls' storylines and random/world events.

But as it's still v0.051, it's a super early version, so there's not super much content yet. If you want to see an example of a character's storyline, try raising Natalie's affection and talk to her in the library.

Thanks :)